aka “I’m feeling like a lazy unproductive shit and maybe if I allow people to point and laugh at my utter lethargy it’ll motivate me to get things done”

so without further ado, in rough order of priority, a list of all the non-Gaim shit I need to get done:

New Ultraman Anthology/Ginga

Anthology Ep 20 – translated
Anthology Ep 1 – translated
Ginga Movie 1
Ginga Special Episode
Anthology Ep 26
Anthology Ep 27

The Ginga movie and special episode we can worry about once the series is done. Episodes 26/27 of Anthology are post-show and, similarly, are probably not worth touching until the scripts for Ginga are finalized.


Ep 41 – complete
Ep 42 – complete
Ep 43 – complete
Ep 44 – complete
Ep 45 – complete
Ep 46 – complete
Ep 47 – complete
Ep 48 – complete
Ep 49 – complete

nearly over ;.;

Kamen Rider Decade

4-12 are all translated and mostly done. The plan is two batches – a 1-19 to wrap up the first section of the show and then 20-31 to do the rest. I had a really good pace going on Decade and then drama happened elsewhere and it kinda killed it. because I’m really good at getting demotivated by irrelevant shit

Ep 13
Ep 14
Ep 15
Ep 16
Ep 17
Ep 18
Ep 19

so that’s like 20 things I need to do! exciting. let’s see how long it takes.