These will be explaining the stuff found in these two images, just for explanation.

Okay, so first up, our new Driver is called the Genesis Driver. The toy is coming out at the end of December, so expect stuff to appear within the first quarter of the show pertaining to it. It’s the new driver for a wave of four new Riders who are named on the scan but the scan quality is too low to make them out. These drivers are specifically for the new Riders, and specifically use the new type of Lock Seeds – “Energy Lock Seeds.”

The belt’s theme is juicing – you use the grips on the side of the belt to transform, mimicing the motion of juicing the Lock Seed. This causes the reservoir at the bottom of the belt to fill with energy (read: “juice”) which, presumably, will drain as the Rider fights. We can assume once its empty, they’ll detransform.

This is a marked change to the main Lock Seeds which obviously have no such restrictions. Personal guess? Now we have a show that focuses on Rider conflicts again, this is a way to create mook Riders to allow characters who aren’t the big five to influence the plot through combat more. The belts can allow a character of the week or supporting cast member to fight, and the simple artwork shown for most of the Riders in these scans implies to me they’ll be simple throwaway suits likely used only for an arc or two.

Anyway the four confirmed Energy Lock Seeds are Melon, Lemon, Cherry and Peach. Melon is the one that has an actual suit shown in those scans and gets most of the focus, so it’s possible he’ll be Important and stick around for a bit, even if it is just to introduce the concept of the Genesis Drivers and get them nicely stuck into the show lore. The other three… probably not so much, I’d assume.

The Lock Seeds appear to open through the motion of being squeezed, by the by. When we first got the scan of the Peach Energy Lock Seed, we were all confused because it obviously couldn’t be opened by the motion of the Sengoku Driver’s cutting knife. Then we got the full scan of that with Cherry and their hinges were on opposite sides of the Lock Seed, which just baffled us to shit. Of course now we know they’re opened by pressure from the side and, well, it all makes sense.

Also shown is their weapon, the Sonic Arrow. It outright says that all four Riders (and the Sonic Arrow specifically has four colors for its LEDs, which makes me think this is all we’re getting) use this weapon. It’s basically a crossbow, you draw back the string manually but you press a button to fire. It has a slot for an Energy Lock Seed, but I dunno whether this will be mandatory for every attack (using the energy of the Seed to power its attacks at all) or just for finishers.

And one final note: Genesis is in this case spelt with a hard “g”, like in gesundheit. Just so you know.