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Episode 2

Having been unable to find any trace of Yuuya in the other world, Kouta and Mai return to town.
Kouta attempts to use his new ability to transform to help with his work, but only ends up causing himself problems.
Meanwhile, Team Gaim accepts a challenge from Baron’s leader, Kaito Kumon, but finds themselves heading into trouble…

Episode 3

Kouta decides to help out the team using his new transformation, leading to him being known as “Armored Rider Gaim”.
With Yuuya still missing, Kouta is invited back to Team Gaim to take up being their leader.
Alas, Team Baron notices the rapid rise of Team Gaim back up the rankings, thanks to Kouta’s return.
But then Kaito is offered a Sengoku Driver by the Lock Seed dealer, Sid.
Having gained the ability to become Armored Rider Baron, he challenges Kouta to a duel.

Episode 4

Kouta and Kaito do battle on special bikes given to them by Sid, designed specifically for Armored Riders.
Their joust takes them to the other world where Kaito, engrossed in curiosity towards the forest, stays to gather information.
Kouta leaves to search for Yuuya, but it isn’t long before he’s attacked by another Armored Rider…